Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Visiting Cuba, the Not allowed Island

     With all the travel destinations available throughout the world you may wonder why you should choose Cuba. After decades of travel restrictions, and with the constantly changing policies of governments, enjoying the sights and wonders of this beautiful island may be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Once only available to journalists, religious and educational groups, travel to Cuba is now available to nearly anyone who would like to experience this unique country.

     The restrictions placed on travel to Cuba were not on actually on travel itself but on spending money in Cuba, which is effectively the same thing. A travel agency such as Cuba education tours can help you navigate the policies of the OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) of the Treasury Department. If you book with a "fully hosted" agency that pays all the fees, meals, etc., you can enjoy Cuba without spending any money, which is the legal way to visit. Some agencies even allow you to set up an expense account in the form of a deposit so that you can buy merchandise and services. Practically and theoretically it's their money, not yours.

     U.S. educators and tourists can now travel between the U.S. and Cuba on study tours, although people have been traveling to Cuba "illegally" for years. You can travel to Cuba as an individual for educational purposes, investigating religious, medical and educational institutions as well as historical sites and cultural events. You can immerse yourself in the culture and marvel at the architecture, music and art of the island. When you book your Cuba education tours with authentic Cuba tours you'll be accompanied by Cuban education scholars and university graduated tour guides proficient in English as well as the customs and culture of the island.

     Cuba is largely unspoiled because it's been isolated for so long due to trade embargoes and political manipulation. Nearly everything you see there has been made locally using a mixture of personal labor and machines operated by skilled people, not computers. Since it has not been overrun by tourists like so many other travel destinations the people are friendly and uninhibited in their love of their island and their culture. You can speak with original revolutionaries, marvel at the antique cars that people drive and wonder at the beautiful old buildings. There are very few tourist traps, just authentic representation of the culture in a genuine, natural setting. There are few places on earth that you can enjoy like you can enjoy Cuba!
Booking authentic Cuba travel is easy, economical and the first step to traveling to a destination you will never forget.
     There are few places on earth that you can enjoy like Cuba! Booking authentic Cuba trave