Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Do Your The holidays are Purchasing in Bristol This Winter

     The largest city in the south west of England, Bristol is a lively, vibrant and quintessentially English city that's welcoming to every visitor. Famous for such sites as the Clifton Suspension Bridge and the Avon Gorge, this city has so much to offer any holidaymaker all year round. However, once winter begins, and the days get colder and the nights draw in, this is when Bristol becomes more than just a city; this is when it becomes a prime shopping and relaxation destination for all visitors. And what better time to shop than at Christmas, when you need to buy lots of gifts for friends, relatives and even colleagues.

    While Bristol has been seen as a haven for holidaymakers for many years thanks to its many sights, attractions and burgeoning cultural scene, the area is also very well known for its abundance of high street and unique independent shops that make shopping in Bristol a very rich and fulfilling experience - especially during the festive season. The Bristol Shopping Quarter is conveniently placed in the heart of the city centre, and is home to over 500 stores, where Christmas shoppers can literally shop till they drop for the whole of December.

     If you like more independent, one of a kind and local shops that are specific to Bristol, then a few minutes walk from the Bristol Shopping Quarter are a number of shops just like this. Park Street and Clifton are well known for hosting an array of unusual, unique and luxurious shops and boutiques that can offer a shopper just about everything they could ever need. From maps, to chocolates, to designer clothing outlets to upmarket cosmetics and all-natural clothing, Christmas shopping in Bristol is a completely unique experience, and locations such as the trendy Christmas Steps Arts Quarter which dates back to the 1600s and lies in the centre of the city offer a completely traditional setting for great Christmas photographs.
When it comes to accommodation, Bristol's fine hotels offer visitors the chance to stay in world class chain hotels and leading boutique hotels in the centre or on the outskirts of the city. Bristol city hotels are very reasonably priced, and depending on your budget, they can offer either basic comfort, boutique surroundings or trademark Bristol opulence, depending on what you prefer.

     While many shoppers opt to travel to different places in the UK, Europe and the US to do their Christmas shopping, sometimes the smaller cities can offer the most opportunities for good bargains, perfect presents and the opportunity to escape the crowds, to go against the tides and have an adventure at the same time. So, this Christmas, why not book you and your friends train tickets down to Bristol and stay for a few night in one of the many Bristol city hotels available and experience Christmas shopping like never before with the ones that you love the most. And who knows, you might even buy a few gift for yourself whilst you're down there.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How to Discover a Excellent Region of Wight Accommodation

     If you are on a tight budget, you will be happy to discover that the Isle of Wight does cater to visitors with tight purse strings. Budget does not have to mean low standards. In fact the Island offers some of the best low cost hotels in the entire country.

     Finding top quality Isle of Wight accommodation does not have to be a challenge. There are many different options available for visitors, from caravan sites and B&B's to luxury hotels and resorts. Whether you want peace and tranquility or be where the action is, you will not be disappointed.

     When planning a trip, you need to think about your own expectations and requirements. Make a list of what you would like from your visit as this will help you to narrow down the options. For example, would you want to have access to sandy beaches and other natural charms, or would you rather stay where there are bars and other nightlife.

     A decision that may have an impact on your choice of accommodation is your port of arrival. Local ferries can carry you from the mainland to five main entry points. These are Ryde, Sandown, Seaview, Ventnor, and Shanklin. In each of these different areas you can find a range of hotels and campsites. One option worth inquiring about is the possibility of choosing a package deal which includes board and a ferry ticket.

     If you are on a tight budget, you will be happy to discover that the Isle of Wight does cater to visitors with tight purse strings. Budget does not have to mean low standards, in fact the Island offers some of the best low cost hotels in the entire country. Most can provide visitors with more than just a room. Food, internet access, and recreation advice is usually on offer.

     Before you narrow down your options, it would be advisable to search online for independent reviews of particular establishments. Reading the feedback given by other visitors can help you to make the right decision. There are many websites that provide the opportunity for members of the public to post comments and ratings on the hotels they have stayed at.

    Another avenue worth exploring is to look for pictures of the hotels you are considering booking. This approach can help to ensure you are not left with any unwanted surprises upon arrival. Be wary of booking a stay in a hotel of which there is little or no information available online.

     Isle of Wight hotels are usually open year round. Whether you are after a summer break or a winter get-away, you should be able to find an establishment which matches your requirements perfectly. Make your trip a memorable one by researching a number of different hotels before arrival.

     Author of this article is associated with Mayfair Hotel, one of the leading budget Isle of White hotels.

Trip Information in Bangkok

     Bangkok is an amazing place to visit. Many people hate it when they first arrive, but the more they get to know it, the more they fall in love with it.

     At first, Bangkok can be very in-your-face. There are annoying traffic jams, overcharging cab-drivers and sleazy bars. It's loud, it's crowded, it's polluted.

     But once you've moved away from the most touristy places, you'll discover another layer of Bangkok. A place that is alive and vibrant, a city were tradition and modernity intertwine together, where people from all countries and cultures co-exist harmoniously together. There is plenty of delicious food, plenty of fine art, many stories from long-gone times which wait to be explored. Thai people are incredibly friendly, warm and kind, and experiencing their true goodness is an amazing experience.

     But it's also a very different culture, with different social norms and different ways of interacting with each other.

     There are plenty of dishes you've probably never heard of, plenty of fruits you've probably never tasted.

     Having a local tour guide accompany you can be of great value, because whenever you have a question, whenever you want to know something, you can get an answer just like that. What's more, a tour guide in Bangkok can show you things that most tourists usually won't get to see. And even the popular tourist attractions become a lot more interesting and meaningful when you have someone who can tell you the stories behind them. The giant reclining Buddha imagine in the famous Wat Pho temple is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bangkok. But most people just read a couple of paragraphs in a guidebook, walk around one time in awe about the sheer size of it and that's it. When you go with a personal tour guide, you get to hear the stories behind this place, the meanings behind the symbols and so much more. It's not just more informational, it's also a lot more entertaining.

     And if you want to go shopping in Bangkok, a tour guide could be of big value too: because local people know where to buy things, and they know what a good price is like. So instead of going to the places where all the other tourists go to buy expensive merchandise, you can get the local prices and maybe find nicer things than the typical souvenirs or shirts. If for example you go shopping at the popular Patpong night market, you'll either need really good bargaining skills or be willing to overpay for what you buy. If you want to go shopping for cheap clothes, one of the best places is the Platinum fashion center. Many tourists go to buy electronics or phones at the popular MBK shopping center - but locals know that you often get defective or grade B merchandise there. Much better to go bargain hunting for electronics at Panthip.

     And let's not forget the language barrier: many Thai people speak very little English. When you have a private tour guide who can translate for you, really communicating with people becomes a lot easier, and you can get to experience Bangkok on a much more meaningful level.

    When you hire a tour guide it's best to find a government-accredited, professional guide who carries a valid license from the Tourism Authority of Thailand. To hire a Bangkok tour guide

Business Large Team Transportation

     Organizing a large, corporate event is a huge job. Often you will be dealing with a packed schedule and having to transport many people to carefully timed events. One of your top priorities, then, should be securing reliable transportation to deliver everyone where they need to be, on time. Because reliability is going to be a huge priority, a good choice for moving your group is to hire a bus service. A luxury motor coach will be able to serve all of your corporate needs, while still remaining what will probably be the simplest part of your planning job.

Keep Everyone Together

     When transportation is not a group affair, stragglers are almost unavoidable. When you are dealing with a large group of people there will always be unexpected mishaps, even if every member of your party is completely aware of the time and attempting to stick with the group (which in reality is rarely the case). All too often a car will break down, a subway or flight will be missed, or some other small bump in the road will leave a portion of the group estranged for a time. This can put a big damper on carefully scheduled events. By hiring a bus service you can avoid the vast majority of these issues. A bus can wait, within reason, for stragglers and will eliminate the problem of personal transportation misadventures. It is also a great way to keep track of everyone, because bus seating makes simple head counts easy.

Encourage Collaboration

     This may seem a little unorthodox, but taking a bus ride together can be a great way for employees to get to know each other a little better and discuss work interests as well as other interests. The community feel that this will engender is a great way for creativity and collaboration to flourish. On a company trip, such an environment and morale is exactly what you want for employees to benefit and grow as much as possible.

Be Environmentally Conscious

     Transporting large groups of people on large, comfortable buses is the greenest way to arrange your trip (unless your company is up for a very long group bike ride). Often times we connect being environmentally conscious with making sacrifices in comfort, but this does not have to be the case. By seeking out a luxury motor coach transportation service, you can transport your company in absolute comfort, all while doing your part to limit your carbon footprint.

     Tom Sambdman is Vice President of Samson Trailways. Samson Trailways has been the trusted leader in Atlanta motor coach transportation for nearly 30 years. No matter the size of your group, Samson Trailways delivers premium Atlanta charter bus transportation services